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Delightful little game that made me chuckle at times. Thank you for this tiny window to your life. I hope you do make it big as a writer, whatever big means to you. Cheers!

You really did do a good job, should be proud

I was in a similar place (figuratively not literally) a few years ago. Your thoughts reminded me of my thoughts back then. I haven't met anyone who could relate to my struggle but now I feel like I have. Thank you for sharing this with the world.


I'm honestly stunned that people connected to it in this way, and I'm even more stunned this got the attention it did. It really just felt like creating something for the sake of creating and coincidentally walking through some feelings I had. I didn't actively put it anywhere thinking no-one else would give a shit.

But the actual point, I'm hijacking this one as an open thank you to everyone who enjoyed this, and even moreso to those who genuinely felt something from it. It's the most attention I've got on anything (serious) I've made ever and I'm still not quite sure how to process it.

For you specifically, I'm not quite sure what I did, but I'm glad it clicked. I hope I get to be in the position you are some day.

how do i play

Yes, how?

If you're on mobile, it looks like there was a bug with bitsy 8.0 not working on there. I've updated it to 8.1 now and it should work fine.

but im on pc

Love the flow of thoughts!

Really lovely art and writing! Thanks for making this!

I really appreciated this! It's cool hearing how people create, and I hope it goes as well as you've been hoping - I really like all the graphics and metaphors.


this was fantastic! I'm glad pixsy was helpful to you. and Freya rules


she really does